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Introduction to MacInnis Marketing

Customer Centric Marketing

Ready for a customer-centric approach to marketing? You’re in the right place. Download this app and keep on top of marketing tech, strategy and best practices.

As a switched-on CEO, you know that:

1. The old way of selling and marketing doesn’t work anymore

2. Your customers should be at the centre of everything you do

3. There’s a better way to market without blowing your budget

You’re 100% spot on. And just by being here you’re already ahead of your competition. But, what next? You need an experienced, long-term partner to help you take action and generate real results for your business.

MacInnis Marketing can help.

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@danmac30 Apr 23, 06:15

Leveraging Mother's Day as a Marketing Opportunity - https://t.co/lxzE9j5Sqx via @Shareaholic

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Are You Marketing To Anyone With a Pulse? - https://t.co/yoEMLlkXfr via @Shareaholic

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Marketing Shortcuts For Small Businesses - https://t.co/tBQuHaukY6 via @Shareaholic

@SalesCoaching_S Apr 22, 03:51

Calling all #entrepreneurs & business owners, what type of training are you most likely to invest in? #startup #business #startupgrind

@danmac30 Apr 20, 23:35

What's Eating Whole Foods? https://t.co/YLYN51tDB8

@danmac30 Apr 18, 23:38

Everyone needs a coach, maybe even a virtual one! DM https://t.co/Opl2Txs87t https://t.co/VZtODmHof0

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Three tips for marketing small business on social media | https://t.co/RUaLxh58kz: https://t.co/4NW7mD0Hxn

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The Small Business Resource https://t.co/LVUFRSlhIf via @Inc

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What industries spend the most on Adwords? https://t.co/wllen8ZMIg

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3 LinkedIn Sales Navigator Features to Improve Social Selling https://t.co/OgM7tCPdxb

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5 Details to Add to Your 2017 Small Business Marketing Plan https://t.co/Ua3pcfuUay via @B2Community

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3 Things to Learn From Microsoft’s MarTech Stack https://t.co/42PPAONXwF

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Workforce Pulse: A New Mobile App for Employee Feedback https://t.co/KdtMgD7ded

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New hyperlocal app Swoop helping SMBs boost foot traffic https://t.co/y1ZYuL6k0v

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5 key rules of marketing campaigns https://t.co/VBzTiGI4lR

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5 key rules of marketing campaigns https://t.co/aVN4ep3lro via @danmac30

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64 Affordable Small Business Marketing Tools https://t.co/gE4YJGVEE9 via @wordstream

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UX or Design — Where should marketers invest? https://t.co/DX4AmVmp9x

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3D2B - Why the Human Touch is Critical to B2B Lead Nurturing https://t.co/YLvwtdREQU

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InMail LinkedIn Best Practices https://t.co/4UwjMR7n3q via @danmac30

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Using Data to Drive Successful Digital Brand Campaigns in Australia @ThinkwithGoogle https://t.co/xNYS3Sfuki

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What’s cooler than being cool?: https://t.co/GLvrEKUWPL

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How to Create a Compelling Brand Story - https://t.co/l0lmnvYB5B

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The State of Social Media Demographics: 2017 Benchmarks [Infographic] https://t.co/jfhPyA2MBl via @hubspot @amanda_zw

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Why digital marketing is not working for SME https://t.co/cPbrfVFLqQ via @danmac30

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Technology changes. People don’t.: https://t.co/L45SJD5nsA

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10 Excellent Free Online Courses In Social Media Marketing https://t.co/m8YUHC9GEt via @diygeniusEDU