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Customer Centric Marketing

Ready for a customer-centric approach to marketing? You’re in the right place. Download this app and keep on top of marketing tech, strategy and best practices.

As a switched-on CEO, you know that:

1. The old way of selling and marketing doesn’t work anymore

2. Your customers should be at the centre of everything you do

3. There’s a better way to market without blowing your budget

You’re 100% spot on. And just by being here you’re already ahead of your competition. But, what next? You need an experienced, long-term partner to help you take action and generate real results for your business.

MacInnis Marketing can help.

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@danmac30 May 26, 03:26

Mixolo lets you fly solo to that opera or ballgame — even if you're not single https://t.co/7B5nA7o7Lv via @BaltBizOnline

@danmac30 May 24, 23:55

LinkedIn Best Practices https://t.co/OUgL8UVIqW

@danmac30 May 24, 23:25

The Customer Is Now the Advertiser https://t.co/uTaKLlazRX via @gerrymcgovern

@danmac30 May 24, 23:19

Success in Six: 4 Best Practices for Building Impactful YouTube Bumper Ads @ThinkwithGoogle https://t.co/TWKOitdgbl

@ipfconline1 May 24, 23:15

The 4 Digital #Marketing Trends Your #Startup or #SmallBiz Should Invest In: #Mobile, #ContentMarketing, #SEO &… https://t.co/oTHfNr6AGz

@danmac30 May 23, 22:45

https://t.co/t0da9lJj0Z Latest e-news

@danmac30 May 23, 22:43

Great resource https://t.co/a48ZvfblFC

@foundr May 23, 22:43

Reputation and Integrity! via @ryanchris Check us out: https://t.co/7Ur9ohaARM #startup #entrepreneur https://t.co/KhzIZv05vy

@forrester May 23, 22:43

WEBINAR: Join us tomorrow at 1 pm EDT to learn the essential components of #digital #CX. Register:… https://t.co/HuN0rXZOkb

@smallbiztrends May 23, 22:42

. @Wix announced Wix SEO Wiz, a way for small businesses to enhance SEO rankings on their websites.… https://t.co/zp5ETEIzd8

@TwitterBusiness May 23, 22:42

We love hashtags but avoid them in your copy when pointing to a website. https://t.co/UsJyDTk5lO

@danmac30 May 23, 22:42

Your weekly update from MacInnis Marketing

@danmac30 May 23, 05:45

Airtasker scores partnership with furniture giant Ikea: “The reality is it’s hard work” - SmartCompany https://t.co/aG14pHlzfB

@danmac30 May 22, 00:30

I was completely failing at marketing but I've turned it around https://t.co/XIJZZiVj2I via @smh

@danmac30 May 22, 00:28

Marketing Tech Stack Paralysis: 10 Steps to Help You Avoid It https://t.co/8chyB9D2ML

@danmac30 May 21, 23:20

Are you measuring the right things? https://t.co/OweX7FOaam

@danmac30 May 21, 23:11

Social media and google analytics, good video https://t.co/eUJRIBx3YU

@danmac30 May 21, 22:45

#SocialSkim: Facebook Outpacing LinkedIn for B2B, All About Google Lens: 12 Stories This Week https://t.co/hq7D7nAULC

@danmac30 May 21, 22:20

Check out the 200+ vendors featured in the #RevenueOps Landscape https://t.co/ls3VBE6USX @radius

@danmac30 May 20, 11:29

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/sYc2fD5dM7 BARRELS ARE ILLUMINAT

@danmac30 May 20, 11:28

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/520kRdv6Z7 Undertale#3

@danmac30 May 20, 11:27

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/ricD77upQc Gang beast with friends #1

@danmac30 May 20, 11:24

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/3vuDWXUfM3 Shout out Friday!!!!!! #1

@danmac30 May 17, 23:57

Your weekly update from MacInnis Marketing https://t.co/oh9O0wujHR

@danmac30 May 17, 23:55

Your weekly update from MacInnis Marketing https://t.co/765YYGOj33

@danmac30 May 17, 23:21

Should You Use Influencer Marketing for Your Business?: https://t.co/LojErqOiN2